how to find the same elements from 2 vectors

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I have a question about intersections(same) between two victors. for example if I have vector_1=[1,2,3,4,5], Vector_2=[6,5,7,1,8] I want to be able to find the repeated elements from both vectors , in this case 1 and 5. And is it possible to put a minimum threshold or limit for what number to look for ie. above 2
Thanks in advance .....

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pfb il 27 Apr 2015
Modificato: pfb il 27 Apr 2015
% this is going to find the common elements (1 and 5)
% this is going to introduce the threshold (only 5 survives)
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Ahmed Alnahdi
Ahmed Alnahdi il 27 Apr 2015
It perfectly did its job, thanks.

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