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How can I get the interpolated value of and array

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I have 2 arrays, one with distances and one with heigth.
heigth = [10 20 30 40]
distance = [1 2 3 4]
I want to be able to get the heigth at any given value from 1 to 4. The main idea is to be able to do:
getHeigth(1.5) --> 15

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Thomas Koelen
Thomas Koelen il 13 Mag 2015
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ricard molins
ricard molins il 13 Mag 2015
The solution is correct although I asked for interpolating heigth when introducing the distance. It's just need to swap the arguments.
Thanks for your answer

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Michael Haderlein
Michael Haderlein il 13 Mag 2015
>> doc interp1

Purushottama Rao
Purushottama Rao il 13 Mag 2015
c= fit([1; 2; 3 ;4],[10 ;20; 30; 40],'poly2')


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