Discrete sine wave - incorrect sine wave

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James il 21 Mag 2015
Risposto: Walter Roberson il 21 Mag 2015
Hi guys.. I am getting very confused on some basic things which irretates me alot. I am trying make a dataset contanning a sine wave, the problem is though i cannot make it seem correct.
Here is my code:
fs = 100; %amount of samples pr. sec
Ts = 1/fs; %sample rate
n = 0:6; % time interval
f = 1/5; % frequency
y = chop(0.799760*sin(2*pi*f*(n*Ts)),5); % vector with discretized sinewave with given f as freq, and ts sample rate.
plot(n,y); % plot it.
When i plot it doesn't look like a correct sine wave, ie. this example doesn't have period of 5 sec, but a lot more.. what am doing wrong.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson il 21 Mag 2015
Replace your
n = 0:6;
n = linspace(0,6,100);


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