The connection of matlab with vivid scanner through port

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Hai , i want to make application that can connect the matlab to vivid laser scanner using the port . It is possible to doing this? Thank

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 23 Nov 2011
It depends which "port" you mean, and it probably depends on which model you want to use.
For example the Vivid 910 has no serial ports, but it does have a SCSI II port, and it probably arrives with device drivers that allow programs to communicate with the scanner.
I have designed direct SCSI device drivers in the past, and they have not been hard to program, especially if you are comfortable building table-driven state-machine type software. Though, just as is the case for any kind of device one might build a driver for, devices with SCSI interfaces might mis-handle particular interface commands, or might have bugs in the device, so some level of trail-and-error and reprogramming is to be expected if you write a device driver for a SCSI device.
Note: you pretty much need to write in C or equivalent to program a device driver yourself. MATLAB does not offer any SCSI interface toolkit.

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