Calculating and Adding Percent Error to a Graph

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The Percent Error = 100*abs(exact solution-Approximate solution)/Exact Solution. I am writing a Euler method approximation and I need to know how best to present this. I keep getting the error message that "matrix dimensions must agree". Here is my code.
%Script that demonstrates Euler integration for a first order problem using
%The problem to be solved is:
%This problem has a known exact solution
function ystar = Eulermethod20(n)
t=0:h:5;%Initialize time variable
clear ystar;%wipe out old variable
ystar(1)=1.0;%Initial condition (same for approximation)
for i=1:length(t)-1, %Set up "for" loop
k1=2-exp(-4*t(i))-2*ystar(i); %Calculate the derivative
ystar(i+1)=ystar(i)+h*k1;%Estimate new value of y
%Exact solution
%Plot approximate and exact solutions
title('Euler Approximation');
ylabel('y*(t), y(t)');
percent_error= 100*(1)+(0.5*exp(-4*t)-(0.5*exp(-2*t))-(2-exp(-4*t(i)))-(2*ystar(i))/((1)+(0.5*exp(-4*t))-(0.5*exp(-2*t))));
legend('Percent Error')
The program runs, but the percent error doesn't calculate correctly. I need to calculate and show the error for this project and I was hoping someone can help. Thanks!
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Karen il 23 Nov 2011
I don't even know what {} code is. No formal matlab training.

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Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang il 23 Nov 2011
Since you have the y and ystar, you can do
Notice "./" is the element-wise division.
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Karen il 23 Nov 2011
Thank you very much. I'll plot it on a different figure to be able to see it better.

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Naz il 23 Nov 2011
You are missing the 'dot' in the following expression:
percent_error= 100*(1)+(0.5*exp(-4*t)-(0.5*exp(-2*t))-(2-exp(-4*t(i)))-(2*ystar(i))./((1)+(0.5*exp(-4*t))-(0.5*exp(-2*t))));
Now this should work

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