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NUR KHAIRUNNISA rahimi on 24 Nov 2011
I have a list of words(maybe consist of 250000) where I would like to remove the plural form of all the word ending with s. While I am doing that, I have to dispplay a progress bar on the screen.
So this is what I have so far. However,
for iword=1:length(wordbank)
if ~isempty(wordbank{iword})&& strcmp(wordbank{iword}(end), 's') no_plurals=no_plurals+1; wordbank2{iword} = wordbank{iword}(1:(end-1));
however, my program only show the end result of the process, which is 100% and not incrementing the value while processing from 1% to 100%. Can you help me fix this? Thank you.

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Naz on 24 Nov 2011
inside the loop

Jan on 24 Nov 2011
Cleaned a little bit:
fprintf(' ');
fmt = [char([8,8,8,8]), '%3d%%'];
singular = 0; % Nicer than no_plural
nword = length(wordbank);
wordbank2 = cell(1, nword);
update = 1;
for iword = 1:nword
word = wordbank{iword};
if ~isempty(word) && word(end) == 's'
singular = singular + 1;
wordbank2{iword} = word(1:(end-1));
progBar = 100 * iword / nword;
if progBar > update
fprintf(fmt, update);
update = round(progBar) + 1;
EDITED: overwrite the percentage string
But there are much faster methods. E.g. see FEX: strncmpr.
index = strncmpr(wordbank, 's', 1);
wordbank2 = wordbank(~index);
The timings (Matlab 2009a, Win7, 250'000 words with 6 ot 7 characters):
Loop with progress display: 2.0 sec
Loop without progress display: 0.8 sec
strncmpr: 0.02 sec
Are you sure you want to waste the most time for updating the progress display?
Jan on 24 Nov 2011
I've inserted some code to overwrite the percentage string inplace.
I do not know, why your program is not doing, what you expect. But I do neither know the program nor what you expect. Perhaps you want to explain both? But as far as I can see, the original question is answered.

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Sameer Kumthekar
Sameer Kumthekar on 14 Dec 2011
Hi , I think you can use waitbar something like this..
h = waitbar(0,'Removing the plural form of all the words...Please wait..!');
steps = 100; for step = 1:steps code here h = waitbar(step/steps,sprintf('%d%%',step)); end close(h);
Please check once! Sameer K


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