Why is my "scope"-block in Simulink only showing a line instead of a propper signal like plot does in Matlab Workspace?

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I am working on a project where I have to get a signal into Simulink. I m currently trying to get the job done by transforming it into a timeseries and importing it via "From File"-Block.
For this reason I put my time-samples in a variable t (5001x1 double) and my signal values in a variable x (1x1x5001 double). If i plot thoses values in Matlab I get the propper signal I want, but when I save it as a timeseries and import it to Simulink. Scope only represents a line located on the second value of my x array, totally disregarding the time vector I entered.
t = [time(samples)]';
x= [val(samples)];
ts = timeseries(x,t);
save 'sig1.mat' ts -v7.3
Does anyone know why this wont work? :/
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