How to find t test of two independent samples in MatLab?

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I have two independent samples of data with different n's (i.e number of data). The file is attached with this. I want to calculate t test of both the samples. Kindly, help me regarding this.
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Salaheddin Hosseinzadeh
Salaheddin Hosseinzadeh on 23 Jun 2015
I don't undertand what the question is at all.
Please explain more

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Accepted Answer

Udit Gupta
Udit Gupta on 23 Jun 2015
Use the function ttest2 from matlab statistics toolbox.

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Star Strider
Star Strider on 23 Jun 2015
That depends on your experimental design. If you have an unpaired design (intervention on one group and not on another) use ttest2. If you have a paired design (before an after an intervention on the same group), use ttest.
Of course this requires that your data are normally distributed and meet the other assumptions of the t-test for both groups. If they do not, or you do not know the distribution, use the ranksum and signrank tests, respectively for unpaired or paired data.
Star Strider
Star Strider on 24 Jun 2015
My pleasure, although I would have appreciated your having Accepted my Answer if it solved your problem.

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