Find index in each column of a matrix using for

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Good evening,
I am attempting to find the index of the last non-NaN for each column in a matrix. I can't really get it to work correctly; instead of giving me a column vector of indices, it sums the indices together in every cell. Here is my code:
xDate=zeros(1,size(forward,2)); % preallocate a vector
xDate=xDate'; % transpose to a column
for i = 1:size(forward,2)
xDate(i) = find(~isnan(forward),1,'last')
I'm sure it is an easy fix; but I've been racking my brain on it for hours now with no solution.
Thanks to all who are generous enough to help.

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Star Strider
Star Strider il 28 Giu 2015
I don’t have your ‘forward’ matrix so this is just a guess.
See if indexing ‘forward’ as well works:
xDate(i) = find(~isnan(forward(:,i)),1,'last')

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