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subsystem does run updated when in fast restart

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ISMAEL il 7 Lug 2015
I have created a logic circuit in simulink, then i selected a group of them to create a subsystem. i included some buttons to yield Boolean inputs. the problem is that when i run in "Enable fast restart" the subsystem output and inputs does not updated automatically when i change the inputs. Someone else knows what is the problem??

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Yu Jiang
Yu Jiang il 8 Lug 2015
Not sure if this is the real issue here, but in Fast Restart mode, you can only change tunable parameters
What parameters are you changing using that customized button?

Rostislav Teryaev
Rostislav Teryaev il 24 Apr 2018
Modificato: Rostislav Teryaev il 24 Apr 2018
you can find this line:
  • When fast restart is on, you cannot change the variant that a variant subsystem or variant model uses. This is because the inactive subsystems are not compiled in the first simulation.


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