GUI interface with dsPIC

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i try to control dsPIC micontroller through Matlab GUI(using IO packages). First, i try to light on the LED by click on the push button i create, could you give me some proper Soln for that microcontroller

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Ilham Hardy
Ilham Hardy il 30 Lug 2015
Hi Abu,
This can't be coincidence, I just replied to your other thread. :)
I found this information about interfacing dsPIC with Matlab/Simulink.
However I am afraid I could not be more of assistance as I do not have required software/toolbox on my current PC.
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Mohammad Abu Bakar Siddique
Hi Roberson thanks for your ans I just want to know more about this i attach a picture here is two edit text if i put a value in one edit text it will divide value from another edit text. for example if edit text1 have 10 always and if i put 2 in 2nd edit text then edit text autometically calculate 5 and put the value in edit text1. how it can be done by me.

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