Error Starting Desktop (java.lang​.NullPoint​erExceptio​n)

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I just installed Matlab_R2014a on OS X 10.10 and I'm getting the error below on startup. I've tried updating the java installed but the issue persists. In the installation I accepted every toolbox (as I don't know which ones we'll be heading).
Mohammed Al Muqarrab
Mohammed Al Muqarrab on 23 Sep 2020
i have the same issue . i hope someone help me to fix it ,please.

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Answers (1)

Tim Jackman
Tim Jackman on 3 Sep 2015
For MATLAB R2014a, this answers page has links to a patch that might take care of this issue:
Marco Perulli
Marco Perulli on 30 Mar 2020
I have the same issue with matlab 2019b on Catalina 10.15.3

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