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3D reconstruction of points from three views - is there a 3 camera alternative to triangulate?

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Hi everybody,
I have three sets of x,y data, taken from an object tracked as it moves through three dimensions and taken by three different cameras.
I have the camera parameters and matrices, I can calibrate the images etc and have even been able to fully reconstruct a 3D point cloud based on two cameras, using the Matlab 'triangulate' function. But I was wondering if there is some Matlab function or code that can accept more than two cameras/views? I would like to be able to use the information from all three cameras...
Thanks very much for any help,


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Dima Lisin
Dima Lisin on 4 Dec 2015
Edited: Dima Lisin on 16 Mar 2016
The triangulate function can only handle two views. However, the algorithm that it uses can be easily extended to multiple views. Please see Multiple View Geometry in Computer Vision by Harley and Zisserman for details.
Edit: As of release R2016a you can use triangulateMultiview to do 3D reconstruction from any number of views.


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Kyle on 5 Feb 2017
The triangulateMultiview and bundleAdjustment functions both only accept a single camera parameters input; therefore does each view need to come from the same camera? Is it not possible to use multiple views from different cameras (i.e., independent camera parameters for each view)?
Yusuke KONNO
Yusuke KONNO on 15 Jun 2019
I also faced this problem.
Multivew stereo function should have different camera parameters on each view.

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