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Amani on 15 Dec 2011
I use this code to load .m file
[filename, pathname] = uigetfile( ...
{'*.m', 'All matlab-Files (*.m)'; ...
'*.*','All Files (*.*)'}, ...
'Select Matlab File');
save(fullfile(pwd, filename));
but! .. when i open it after loading, its content was changed to undefined character like this:
ه3"av خًOتJM.aà„ت?A?GB‰?JKـ2sR‎?sS‹!b?HْYذô3Bظ0s? ü¬ؤ”ش ¨™??ô³ èga?ِwٍ?és  ڈ?ح^?ك%5/?³83/]/?,?
how i can save it with orginal content (matlab code)?

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Accepted Answer

Naz on 16 Dec 2011
uigetfile gets the path, not the data. Before saving you need to load your file. Thus, use function load and give it the path obtained from uigetfile. After you load the data into the variable, you can save it using save function. Also, since you have the filename and the pathname, you dont need to use fullfile. The full path can be provided as follows:[ pathname filename ] As far as I understand you are trying to create a bank of addresses and display them in the listbox, as well as save the data to file. For updating your listbox use the fillowing idea:
your code here
updatedDATA={currentDATA; pathfile filename};
set(handles.listbox,string,num2str(updatedDATA)); %updates the listbox
save([pathname filename],'updatedDATA'); saves the data to file

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