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Simulink bit operations

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Raldi il 16 Dic 2011
Hi all, I wanted to ask if from a number of bits that are represented with 1 and 0 is possible to invert the ones to -1 each lets say two bits? Thanks in advance.
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Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang il 17 Dic 2011
Not clear to me what do you mean by "from a number of bits" and "to invert the ones to -1 each lets say two bits". Are you saying that if you have an inputs of 10 bits, six 1s and four 0s, alternate randomly, you want to invert the first two 1s into -1?
Raldi il 13 Gen 2012
basicaly i was trying to create an ami nrz line code, i think flip flops is the only way to do that. I havent finish it yet though.

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Paulo Silva
Paulo Silva il 16 Dic 2011
[1 0]------>Gain(-1)----->[-1 0]
Use the Gain block and define that gain as -1
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson il 16 Dic 2011
Ah, instead of a step function, you could perhaps use a Repeating Sequence block, as mentioned at
Raldi il 13 Gen 2012
I was thinking more of using a flip flop as it has memmory, The general idea was to create a simple ami-nrz line code.

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