webcam still image resolution

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Victor Lim
Victor Lim on 11 Sep 2015
Answered: Tim Jackman on 15 Sep 2015
I have a logitech webcam which is capable of outputting 15Mpixel still images. I am using the webcam function to talk to the webcam but the resolutions available are limited to video resolutions which max out at 3.5Mpixel. Is there a different function I can use to access the higher resolutions available on the webcam?

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Tim Jackman
Tim Jackman on 15 Sep 2015
It is quite common for webcam vendors to claim a much higher image resolution for their cameras than what the physical sensor can supply. They generally do this by up-scaling the image in software after it has been acquired.
Typically this is only available when using the webcam as a still image camera, not as a video device. As a workaround, you can use imresize to upsample the image which is equivalent to what the vendor software will do.

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