Nyquist plot and arrows

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Anna on 14 Sep 2015
Commented: Anna on 13 Oct 2015
I'd like to draw Nyquist plot without arrows. I wonder if there is an option that makes it possible to choose whether I want the arrow on the plot. Alternatively, I'd like to remove the arrows after drawing the plot.

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Tim Jackman
Tim Jackman on 16 Sep 2015
I looked and didn't find a direct option to turn off the arrows. Maybe someone better with graphics can help you there. As a crude workaround, you can set the lines with the arrows to be invisible and plot them again using the XData and YData properties. For example:
>> H = tf([2 5 1],[1 2 3]);
>> nyquist(H)
>> handles = findobj(gcf);
Now I'm going to make the lines from the Group object invisible (This may be different depending on your data):
>> handles(14).Visible = 'off';
Now plot the lines using the XData and YData from the grouped objects:
>> hold on;
>> plot(handles(14).Children(1).XData,handles(14).Children(1).YData,'b')
>> plot(handles(14).Children(2).XData,handles(14).Children(2).YData,'b')
Hopefully this should at least get you started with what you want to do.
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Anna on 13 Oct 2015
Perfect! It works exactly as I needed. Thanks.

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