How to create a mask for the image

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kiruthika r
kiruthika r il 23 Ott 2015
Commentato: Image Analyst il 30 Ott 2019
I want to generate a mask for my image.How can I generate it?
The mask image should be like the below picture.

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Matt J
Matt J il 23 Ott 2015
Mask = (YourImage>threshold);
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Ibrahim Usman
Ibrahim Usman il 30 Ott 2019
How do you get the matrix dimensions for the image agree with the dimensions of the threshold?
Image Analyst
Image Analyst il 30 Ott 2019
You don't. Here, threshold is just a scalar. No dimensions at all really, just a 1-by-1 scalar -- it's not an image with any dimensions. So the "matrix dimensions for the image" do not need to agree with anything, since threshold is a scalar.

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