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How can I select multiple points using the Data Cursor while the 'DisplayStyle' is either 'off' or 'window'?

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I have a Node(n,3) matrix of n nodes with x,y,z coordinates in each column and a Surf(m,3) matrix of m triangles which each row elements are 3 indexed nodes forming that row triangle. I'm showing the shape formed from mentioned nodes and triangles by functions either patch('Faces',Surf,'Vertices',Node) or trisurf(Surf,Node(:,1),Node(:,2),Node(:,3)). I want to save coordinates of many of nodes in a matrix or cell array by selecting them manually. When I use datacursormode, data-tips showing on figure are bothering because I'm selecting lots of nodes very close to each other. I couldn't find any way to set 'DisplayStyle' on 'off' and when I set it on 'window', I can't select multiple points. Data Brushing functions cannot be used with these two plot types, patch and trisurf. Any idea how I can do that?

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Ramesh Bala
Ramesh Bala il 1 Ott 2019
Use Shift + Data cursor and select the figure made with coords.
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Ramesh Bala
Ramesh Bala il 1 Ott 2019
button = 1;
while sum(button) <=1 % read ginputs until a mouse right-button occurs
[x(j),y(j),button] = ginput(1);
Berk Bural
Berk Bural il 23 Dic 2020
Modificato: Berk Bural il 23 Dic 2020
I have the same problem with data tips, can you elaborate what you mean here?

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