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How can increase the size of a plot with multiple plots

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I am using plot command to plot 16 graphs on one figure. But when curves are plotted they are small and leaves lot of space in the corner of the figure and also leaves lot of space in between two graphs. I cannot find any command to decrease the side space or in between space between graphs.

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Thorsten il 12 Nov 2015

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Ilham Hardy
Ilham Hardy il 12 Nov 2015
Once upon a time :), I stumbled into this old but gold function.
It helps me cut the figure sizing/cropping works significantly.
I hope you know how to work with function,
function subplotsqueeze(hFig, nF)
% Stretch width and height of all subplots in a figure window
% subplotsqueeze(H, F) will stretch subplots in figure with handle H by the
% proportional factor F.
% Examples:
% subplotsqueeze(gcf, 1.2) will expand all axes by 20%
% subplotsqueeze(gcf, 0.8) will contract all axes by 20%
% Expansion and contraction is equal in both directions and axes remain
% centered on their current locations.
hAx = findobj(hFig, 'type', 'axes');
for h = 1:length(hAx)
vCurrPos = get(hAx(h), 'position'); % current position
set(hAx(h), 'position', (vCurrPos.*[1 1 nF nF])-[vCurrPos(3)*(nF-1)/2 vCurrPos(4)*(nF-1)/2 0 0]);
Hope this helps,


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