Adding clock in GUI?

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JB on 16 Nov 2015
Edited: JB on 16 Nov 2015
can someone help me in adding the current date and time in the static text box in my GUI?
Thanks alot
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JB on 16 Nov 2015
I am working in GUIDE..I have already seen the one in file section.

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Answers (1)

TastyPastry on 16 Nov 2015
You can do something like this:
t = datestr(datetime('now','TimeZone','local','Format','d-MMM-y HH:mm:ss Z'));
This will give you
t = 16-Nov-2015 14:46:33
where t is a string. You can modify the format in the first line. Then, just add this string to your uicontrol().
JB on 16 Nov 2015
i am not using datetime function in my code.I have even tried with which datatime,but same consequences.
I am using Matlab R2013b. Can this be the cause?

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