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Plot the values between the range

Latest activity Commented on by Mike Garrity
on 30 Nov 2015
I need to plot the values between the range using the bar plot ?
for example
Bar A 10-15
Bar B 25-30
Bar C 45-50
How can i do this ?
Thanks a lot


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1 Answer

Answer by Thorsten
on 25 Nov 2015
 Accepted Answer

h = bar([10 25 45; 5 5 5]', 'stacked');
set(h(1), 'FaceColor', 'w', 'EdgeColor', 'w')


Problem i face here is when i am using the above command I cannot able to complete the grid lines. How to overcome this??
Thanks a lot
Instead of setting FaceColor and EdgeColor to white, try setting Visible to off.
set(h(1), 'Visible','off')

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