why any function as m file, does not work on my pc?

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I have MATLAB2014a 32bit on my pc with windows8 64bit. I wrote an m file (function), but it didn't work and had error. after, I write a so easy m file, and has error!!!!! what should I do?
function y=new_state(x,v)
error is
Error using new_state (line 2)
Not enough input arguments.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson il 25 Nov 2015
If you run Simulink from the GUI menu, then variables for To Workspace blocks go in to the base workspace.
If you run Simulink by using the sim() command, then variables for To Workspace blocks go in to the workspace of the function that you call sim() in.
If you need to pull a variable out of the base workspace you can do that using evalin()
a = evalin('base', 'a');
b = evalin('base', 'b');
new_state(a, b);
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saeede soleymani
saeede soleymani il 26 Nov 2015
Dear Mr Roberson, thanks so much for your replying. as yet, all of my questions in mathworks site answered by you. thank you

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Ilham Hardy
Ilham Hardy il 25 Nov 2015
And did you call that with two arguments?
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Ilham Hardy
Ilham Hardy il 25 Nov 2015
Say you have variable a and b in the base workspace, then you can call
y = new_state(a,b);
If you want to call the new_state from within the function, you do not have direct access to the base workspace.
Perhaps it will best for you to open new question thread and better formulate your question (with more examples)?

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