Very slow when change current directory.

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Noyeah il 29 Nov 2015
Modificato: A Jenkins il 30 Set 2018
Recently Matlab became much slower than before when changing the current directory. Whenever the current directory is changed to a new one, Matlab stops responding for a while. It doesn't seem to be related to the location of the new directory (either local or network) or the number of files in the new directory. Same experience on both 2014b and 2015a RC1. A complete re-installation to 2015a RC1 did not resolve the problem. Thanks.
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Yang Wang
Yang Wang il 18 Ott 2017
Modificato: Yang Wang il 18 Ott 2017
I have the same problem on 2017a 64bit recently. Any idea?

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A Jenkins
A Jenkins il 30 Set 2018
Modificato: A Jenkins il 30 Set 2018
I had this problem on 2017a. It took minutes to change directories. Then I closed some of the open files in my editor and it got much better. There were a mix of .c and .h and .m across several folders and network files so it could have been any of those that was tripping it up.

Jan il 29 Nov 2015
The important detail is hidden in the term "recently". What has happend since it worked fluently? Are you talking about the last OS updates or did you install a new hard disk in between?
How long is "for a while"? 0.1 or 20 seconds? Does your virus scanner slow down the processing? Does your taskmanager reveal the active process during the delay? Does the problem occur in the shell also? How do you change the current directory? With cd or in tzhe directory browser?
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Bardo il 29 Set 2017
Same here in 2017. Anyone searching for the root cause?
Jan il 18 Ott 2017
@Bardo: Unfortunately NoYeah could neither find any specific reason. I ask you again: Did it run fluently before? What did you change until it worked? Without knowing any detail, how could a solution be found?

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