Displaying image in Simulink using pixel stream

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I am trying to display stream of pixels in Simulink. To start with, I create a 2D array, where the first column contains integers 0 1 2 ... and the other column contains pixel data. I use this approach to mimic the stream of pixels as would be supplied by an image sensor:
data = zeros(576*1024*300,2);
for frame = 1:300
for row = 1:576
for col = 1:1024
data(n,2) = GRAY(row,col,frame);
data(n,1) = n-1;
n = n+1;
The buffer collects enough pixel data for a single frame which is then converted back to a 2D matrix and displayed. The simulation refreshes frames very slow - probably every two seconds, i.e. 0.5fps. It seems like the D1 rate is very slow and the pixel data takes a long time to fill the buffer. Thus, currently, to view 300 frames takes about 10 minutes. But the data is ready prior to simulation - why does it take this so long?
I tried to change the 'time' values in the first column to smaller values, but this does not help. There are, probably, some simulation settings that should be adjusted. Any ideas, suggestions? The simulation does not involve any complicated functions, so the refresh rate is definitely not limited by the computer resources.

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Bharath Venkataraman
Bharath Venkataraman on 8 Dec 2015
Using the video viewer block instead of the matrix viewer will enable you to display the image. You likely need to set a sample time for the From Workspace block.
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Naz on 9 Dec 2015
Edited: Naz on 9 Dec 2015
Replacing the Matrix Viewer with the Video Viewer did not make any difference. However, setting "Samples per frame" field to '200' in the "From Workspace" discrete block helped speeding up the process.

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