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using structures and for loops

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Inti Vanmechelen
Inti Vanmechelen on 22 Dec 2015
Closed: MATLAB Answer Bot on 20 Aug 2021
I know I'm supposed to use vectorization instead of for loops, but I have to finish this assignement this way so I hope someone is willing to help me anyway.
This is my code:
names2 = {'soleus' 'tibant' 'gaslat' 'vaslat' 'rectfem' 'hamlat'};
Vars2 = {soleus, tibant, gaslat, vaslat, rectfem, hamlat};
nvars = length(Vars2);
for s = 1:1:nvars
for idx=1:10
P(idx).(names2{s}) = zeros(100,3);
for k = 1:3
for s = 1:1:nvars
for idx=1:10
P(idx).(names2{s})(:,k)= Vars2{s}.(motion{k})(:,1);
When I open P, it contains the same values for P(1).soleus, P(2).soleus, P(3).soleus, ...P(10).soleus,
while all of them should be different since they are data from different subjects.
'soleus' 'tibant' 'gaslat' 'vaslat' 'rectfem' 'hamlat' are structures containing 3 matrices: Gait(100x10), StairUp(100x10) and StairDown(100x10)
The number of colums (10) equals the number of subjects.

Answers (1)

Guillaume on 22 Dec 2015
"P contains the same values for P(1).soleus, P(2).soleus, P(3).soleus, ...P(10).soleus". Well, yes it would:
P(idx).(names2{s})(:,k)= Vars2{s}.(motion{k})(:,1);
The left hand side depends on idx, the right hand side does not, so of course, the same value is assigned for all idx. Something on the right must also depends on idx.


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