Can you help me find the mistake in my Matlab code?

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I use Matlab to find the optimal number of wells, however when I run the file of Optimization.m, it seems not work. I don't know where it is wrong. I have checked my functions, they are correctly, but when I set direct number to NPV.m, it run too slow. So, can you help me find my mistake in Optimization.m as the attached file and how to improve speed of process
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Tien Tran
Tien Tran il 10 Gen 2016
Thank you very much. You have found my mistake, RFpl in VariableSet.xlsx lies in interval (30% -> 70%), so data in Excel file is wrong and the result is incorrect. Best regards.

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Geoff Hayes
Geoff Hayes il 10 Gen 2016
Requested that Tien verify that the data being read from each column was correct with respect to units and variable descriptions. Pointer out that the RFpl (recovery factor at end of plateau) has values between 30 and 70 (from the VariableSet.xlsx file), but that the example from Tfigure43.m assigned 0.5 to this same variable.
Tien verified that the data in the column was incorrect (percentages rather than the decimal equivalent).

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