Raspberry PI Cam in working in Matlab but not working in Simulink

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My Raspberry PI Camera is workig well when I interface it with MATLAB but when I try to capture a video in Simulink I just get some colorfol stripes (like a TV test picture). What is my mistake?

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Dan Lluch
Dan Lluch on 11 Jan 2016
Hi Christian,
I think you are executing this Simulink model in normal mode (and thus not getting a connection to the RPi). So you get the moving colorbars mentioned in the first paragraph here: http://www.mathworks.com/help/supportpkg/raspberrypi/ref/v4l2videocapture.html
You'll see it in action.
Note that the Simulink Target - actually programs the board - and runs on the board. So when you hit play in Simulink normal mode - you didn't initiate that workflow (and just get the color bars). that is a means to test prior to running on board. Although with External Mode - you also can monitor execution in Simulink - you can see that in either of the examples below.
Separately - it isn't clear which workflow you actually want/prefer. you may want Simulink to run in simulation mode and get Rpi inputs/outputs while MATLAB/Simulink is running (similar to the MATLAB Support Package for RPi). That is not included in either support package.
It would be helpful for us to understand if you do want to have the ability to perform input/output device from Simulink with Rpi (as you do with MATLAB) - without programming algorithms on board. If you can help us understand your usecase for this feature - we can consider future improvements.

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