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Variables become undefined although they are saved in Workspace

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I read XML file using GUI pushbutton, extract some data, and do some manipulations for them. The thing is although I save the required variables to workspace (using assignin), I can't use them outside the pushbutton callback function for further manipulation because matlab tells me 'undefined variables'! any suggestions? Thanks
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Adam il 13 Gen 2016
You need to make sure you click 'Attach File' after clicking the paper clip and choosing your file. A lot of people (including myself sometimes) miss that and think it is attached just through choosing the file under the paperclip.

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Ilham Hardy
Ilham Hardy il 13 Gen 2016
Did you also define the workspace location?
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Mus'ab Ahmad
Mus'ab Ahmad il 13 Gen 2016
Modificato: Mus'ab Ahmad il 13 Gen 2016
Yes this what I meant; using it in another callback. It works now, thanks a lot.
Adam il 13 Gen 2016
If you just want to share data between callbacks then you shouldn't go through the base workspace at all, but I guess it works for you for now.

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