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Simulink - find_system does not work properly

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JOKY JOKE on 19 Jan 2012
I use find_system in my Matlab script to find a library block in my simulink model, which I tagged (find_system('model', 'tag' ,'tag_name'). This works nicely, however, when I open the model using my script and then execute find_system, it does not get the handle constantly. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesnt. When I once run the model, its ok. However, this is not a good solution. I really need to open the model and then execute find_system right away. Does anyone know, why find_system does not work properly in this case and what I can do?
Thank you


TAB on 20 Jan 2012
find_system() can be used in many ways with many options.
Please post your code so we can get some idea what you are doing and where is the problem.
JOKY JOKE on 20 Jan 2012
Here is the code:
h_development = find_system(gcs, 'tag', 'Development_Tool_Config');
I get an empty cell array (but only after opening the model, once it ran, it works)

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Titus Edelhofer
Titus Edelhofer on 20 Jan 2012
if the block is in a library, you should "follow links", i.e.,
find_system(gcs, 'FollowLinks', 'on', 'Tag', 'Development_Tool_Config');
instead of gcs it might be more safe to use the model name directly.


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