how to remove empty cell array contents?

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Hello, I've got a cell array, lets say:
R =
[ 691x2 double]
[ 12x2 double]
[ 11x2 double]
[ 112x2 double]
[ 13x2 double]
Does anyone know of a quick way I could remove the non-zero elements of the cell array? This cell array will be a different length and will have a different number of non-zero elements each time, dependent on another loop
Thanks, Jim

Accepted Answer

Aurelien Queffurust
Aurelien Queffurust on 25 Jan 2012
To remove empty cell array contents (title of your question) :
Jan on 9 May 2017
@Chintan Modi: Use the flags to catch the attraction to inapropriate messages, not for posting data concerning your problem.
Please do not attach a new question as a comment to an existing answer. Open a new thread instead.
There is no picture. What is the type of your variable sf? size(sf(3,:),2) replies the size of the array and does not care about the contents of the cell elements.
If you want to count the non-empty cells, use:
sum(~cellfun('isempty', sf(3, :))

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David Young
David Young on 25 Jan 2012
Rnew = R(~cellfun(@isempty, R))
Daniel Bridges
Daniel Bridges on 1 Mar 2017
>> data(~structfun(@isempty,data))
Error using structfun
Inputs to STRUCTFUN must be scalar structures.

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