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How to match the same object in two different images using Harris corner

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I am doing a project where I need to take two images of an object from slightly different angles. I need to be able to measure the distance to the object from the left hand side of the left image, and the right hand side of the right image. I then need to insert these distances into a maths formula to compute the distance from the cameras to the object.
Before I apply any maths I need to be able to detect the object in both images using Harris corners. Any examples of this being done?

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Anand il 1 Mar 2016
This is essentially what you are asking for: matchFeatures
Look at the example titled "Find Corresponding Interest Points between Pair of Images".
You will be using detectHarrisFeatures to detect Harris corners in each image, extractFeatures to extract feature descriptors and matchFeatures to match them across the images.

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