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Help with code needed - sampling

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Tom il 25 Gen 2012
Help with code needed - sampling
I have an equation of a signal, and I'm supposed to be making a PDF graph of it - but I can't use any of Matlab's inbuilt functions.
I'm only half way through the code - I need a 2-D matrix and I can't get it working.
close all
clear all
freq = 220;
ar = 2;
M = 10;
n = linspace(0,M-1,M);
An = 3+n*ar/M;
N = 10;
T = 1;
j = linspace(0,N-1,N);
tj = j*T/N;
xj = 4-cos(2*pi.*tj);
fnj = zeros(M,N);
for g = 1:length(An)
for h = 1:length(xj)
if An <= xj <= (An+1)
fnj(g,h) = 1;
fnj(g,h) = 0;
What I want if for the matrix 'fnj' to be made up of 0s and 1s - so for each amplitude point, a number of samples can be totalled - giving a spread of data which can then be plotted to give a PDF.

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Dr. Seis
Dr. Seis il 25 Gen 2012
One change to make:
An <= xj <= (An+1)
should be split up
(An <= xj) && (xj <= (An+1))

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Tom il 25 Gen 2012
Nice one


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