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Problem with Computer Vision tool box

Asked by Ali Tareq on 8 Mar 2016
Latest activity Commented on by Ali Tareq on 9 Mar 2016
Following the tutorials presented in the site, I've tried to build a stereo vision system. everything was OK, but at the depth estimation phase, the system has been crashed! How to solve this problem? Is there any alternate way to do so?


Which release are you using?
Do you happen to have an AMD CPU?
Both 2015a and b. No, my laptop's CPU is Intel.

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1 Answer

Answer by Dima Lisin
on 8 Mar 2016
Edited by Dima Lisin
on 8 Mar 2016
 Accepted Answer

Hi Ali,
Try the following:
Go to "Preferences". Select "Image Processing Toolbox" on the left. Uncheck "Enable hardware optimization" at the bottom of the right side. This should prevent the crash.
To help us further investigate why this is happening, can you please run the following command, and post the output? Please make sure to do that before you turn off hardware optimization.
>> [a, b] = ippl
My guess is that you a seeing the same problem as in this question.


@Dima Lisin, thanks for the answer, the output is as follows:
a =
b =
'ippIP SSE4.1/4.2 (y8)+ 8.1.0 (r41650) y8 Jan 8 2014'
Did turning off hardware optimization prevent the crash?
@Dima Lisin, thanks for the answer.It seems that Unchecking "Enable hardware optimization" solves the problem.

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