How to overload all functions and operators of a new class?

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Jin Sun
Jin Sun on 24 Mar 2016
Commented: Jin Sun on 26 Mar 2016
Hi, All,
I would like to design a class of multi-dimensional arrays that automatically does a number of things. In particular, automatic array extension as the "bsxfun" function does, only without having to call "bsxfun" explicitly. For example: A=myclass(rand(4,4)); b=myclass(rand(4,1)); C=A.*b; where C will be an 4x4 array given by multiplying elementwise each column of A by b, just like C=bsxfun(@times,A,b) will produce for generic arrays A and b.
Moreover, the code L=log(A); should produce logarithm of each element of A, where L is of course an array of myclass. I hope ALL compatible functions and operators should simultaneously be overloaded. How can I do that?
This class potentially could SIGNIFICANTLY simplify MOST of my past MATLAB coding experience. However, So far I have not been able to do that. I have to overload every specific functions one at a time, which is too tedious and error-prone.
Thank you for any answers.

Accepted Answer

LY Cao
LY Cao on 26 Mar 2016
for r2015b or r2016a, you can do this:
builtin('_useSingletonExpansion',1) % undocumented
a = rand(4); b = rand(4,1);
c = a.*b; % bsxfun(@times,a,b)
d = a + b; % bsxfun(@plus,a,b)
e = a./b; % bxfun(@rdivide,a,b)
f = a == b; % bsxfun(@eq,a,b)
g = atan2(a,b); % bsxfun(@atan2,a,b)
h = a.^b; % bsxfun(@power,a,b)
i = mod(a,b); % bsxfun(@mod,a,b)
k = a & b; % bsxfun(@and,a,b)
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Jin Sun
Jin Sun on 26 Mar 2016
This is good news. Will try it out on the latest version. Thank you.

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