Corrupted simulation of power_triphaseline SimPowerSystems example after change of the simulation's length

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Manswet Banka
Manswet Banka on 27 Apr 2016
Answered: Joel Van Sickel on 18 Aug 2021
I have a problem with simulation of one of the SimPowerSystems examples. The power_triphaseline is a built in example prepared to show energisation of a long line using two different models of the line. The default simulation length is only 0.1s, which could be fine. If the simulation time is extended for whatever reason, all scopes show only zero-signals, also during the first 0.1s without any error or even warning message. It seems like nothing is beeing computed, just assumed to be zero. The problem starts if the simulation time is longer than 3.3s.
If I change the default 'Continous' solver in Powergui to 'Discrete' the problem disappears. What can be the reason for that? I'm aware of the fact that the configuration parameters can influence the simulation performance and precision of the results. But in this case, the only parameter that is changed is the simulation length.
It happens in Matlab 2013a (32bit) as well as in 2014a (64bit).
Thanks in advance for any help!

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Joel Van Sickel
Joel Van Sickel on 18 Aug 2021
This model is particularly stiff and has some very small time constants. I couldn't get it to work long term until I set the simulation tolerance to 1e-6.

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