Reading audio file using GUI pushbutton and saving them to a folder

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Hi everyone,
I'm trying to read multiple audio files using a simple GUI pushbutton, and saving the selected files into a folder for later processing, I hope you can help me how to achieve that.
This is my current code, I know its messy
[filename, Ttrain]=uigetfile('*.wav', 'Select a wave file');
if isequal(filename,0) || isequal(filename,0)
return % or whatever other action if 'CANCEL'
nwavfile=fullfile(Ttrain, filename);
rawdata1=load([Ttrain filename]);
guidata(hObject, handles);

Answers (2)

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 30 Apr 2016
You should not be using wavwrite(), that is for writing files. You need to read the data and save() it .
Or you should consider just copyfile() to the destination folder.

CS Researcher
CS Researcher on 30 Apr 2016
Edited: CS Researcher on 30 Apr 2016
You can start with this and then continue:
[filename, pathname] = uigetfile('*.wav', 'Select a wave file','MultiSelect','on');
% Check if the user selected one file or multiple
if iscell(filename)
nfiles = length(filename);
nwavfile = cell(1,nfiles);
for i = 1:nfiles
nwavfile{1,i} = fullfile(pathname, filesep, filename{1,i});
%Enter the command to save nwavfile{1,i} here
nwavfile{1,1} = fullfile(pathname, filesep, filename);
%Enter the command to save nwavfile here
handles.nwavfile = nwavfile;
guidata(hObject, handles);


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