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Getting particular scatter plots

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Hari il 2 Mag 2016
Risposto: Mike Garrity il 2 Mag 2016
This is a picture of a scatter plot that I have plotted over an image from my raw data. I want to know the coordinates of the points that are inside the rectangle box that I have drawn. The raw data containing coordinates of all the scatter points is huge. So, is it possible to extract the coordinates of those group of points from the raw data alone somehow? Thank you!

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Mike Garrity
Mike Garrity il 2 Mag 2016
Something like this perhaps:
hs = scatter(randn(1,1000),randn(1,1000),'.');
hr = rectangle('Position',[.5 .5 .65 .5]);
minx = hr.Position(1);
maxx = hr.Position(1) + hr.Position(3);
miny = hr.Position(2);
maxy = hr.Position(2) + hr.Position(4);
mask = hs.XData >= minx & hs.XData <= maxx ...
& hs.YData >= miny & hs.YData <= maxy;
x = hs.XData(mask);
y = hs.YData(mask);
hold on


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