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Bar graphs with two sets of different sizes

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Hi everyone,
I am trying to plot one bar graph with using twos sets of different sizes.
The following code works fine if the datasets are equal in size, but doesnt if not.
bar(x,y, 'group');
title('Area comparison');
xlabel('Area'); % x-axis label
ylabel('Frequency'); % y-axis label
one and two are my datasets.
would you know if there is a way of doing through matlab?
Thanks for your help :)

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Mike Garrity
Mike Garrity il 5 Mag 2016
One simple way is this:
none = length(one);
ntwo = length(two);
h = nan(max(none,ntwo),2);
[y,x] = hist(h);
bar(x,y, 'group');
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Flo il 6 Mag 2016
Modificato: Flo il 6 Mag 2016
Thank you Mike.
It seems to work fine, but for one of my calculation I get one really weird result. At the bin number 160 the blue bar seems to reach to top of the graph. do you think it is due to the code?

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