Interfacing MATLAB and ClearCase

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Anagha on 7 Feb 2012
I am trying to access 'Clearcase' via MATLAB command prompt using "!" and plink.exe. I have a set of clearcase commands in my script that I need to execute one after the other. However once the control goes to clearcase(plink) after executing first command, it does not come back to MATLAB till I end the plink session.
I want to know if there is a way using which I can run the clearcase commands via MATLAB at backend without displaying anything on MATLAB command prompt ?
I dont want to go for ClearCase Source Control integrated with MATLAB

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Gavin Walker
Gavin Walker on 5 Mar 2012
Can you provide a little more information on the type of commands that you are trying to execute? Does the "system" command help here?
>> [status,result] = system('cleartool -version')

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 5 Mar 2012
Yes there is, but it is a bit of a nuisance to program, as it involves operating-system specific operations that are not supported by MATLAB (POSIX pipe() or MS Windows _pipe()). This interface would have to be coded in a MEX routine.
The complete I/O stream for talking to the other process would have to be coded in MEX, as the MATLAB I/O streams offer no way to flush an I/O buffer and no way to pass a MATLAB I/O stream to a MEX routine (so you can't have C do it for you.)
I notice you reference plink.exe which tends to imply you are on MS Windows. In MS Windows only, if there is a DCOM / ActiveX control to ClearCase then you can use MATLAB's activex() call to open a session.


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