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Simulation with multiple solver and different time steps

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In my simulation the whole plant can be modeled in two parts : one is having very high time constant and the other is smaller time constant. Therefore, I want to simulate the whole system in three parts.
  1. Part1 of the plant : Fixed step solver (ODE3) with time step 10e-6.
  2. Part2 of the plant : Fixed step solver (ODE1) with time step 1e-6.
  3. Controller of the plant : Fixed step solver (ODE1) with time step 50e-6.
All these three parts include continuous and discrete states. While I want to decide the simulation time step for the plant parts as small as possible according to their dynamic behavior, the controller time step is decided based on the processor. Therefore, the control logic should be executed once in 50e-6 to improve the overall simulation time.
What should be the best approach in this scenario - using subsystem or reference model? I tried to do this using rate transition block and the referenced model with different time steps. However, it seems take more time to simulate than if the same time step is used for all the model.
Please suggest. I am using MATLAB R2010b.
Thanks Shambhu Sau

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Sviatoslav Klos
Sviatoslav Klos il 5 Dic 2018
Would like to do the same but I afraid that this is impossible at this momment.
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AKSHATH KAUP il 11 Dic 2020
Waiting for similar doubts. I have 2 models at fixed step . 1.) Motor model at 2e-6 and 2.) Daq model at 200e-6.How can I simulate entire model at 200e-6; my MATLAB version is 2018a

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