How I can split a matrix in four matrixes

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I have a nx3 matrix and I would like to split it in four matrices with different number of rows and three columns. any help is appreciated.
Maryam Hamrahi
Maryam Hamrahi on 28 Jun 2016
Number of rows in each matrices are not important. I am applying a code whcih contains a loop and it gives me error when the number of rows are more than 10000. So, I want to split the matrix to prevent the error.
I just need split the matrix in smaller matrices.

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Accepted Answer

KSSV on 28 Jun 2016
clc; clear all ;
A = rand(100,3) ; % rows should be greater then 4
a = size(A,1); % rows in A
n = 4; % number of partitions
out = diff([0,sort(randperm(a-1,n-1)),a]); % split rows into four random parts
% else you enter your own four numbers such that sum is size(A,1)
% four matrices
A1 = A(1:out(1),:) ;
A2 = A(out(1)+1:out(1)+out(2),:) ;
A3 = A(out(2)+1:out(2)+out(3),:) ;
A4 = A(out(3)+1:out(3)+out(4),:) ;

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David Sanchez
David Sanchez on 28 Jun 2016
M = rand(1001,3); % your matrix
L = size(M,1); % L = number of rows
n = floor(L/4); % number of rows for your matrices
N = cell(4,1);
for k=1:3
N{k,1} = M( ((k-1)*n+1):n*k,: );
N{4,1} = M((3*n+1):L,:);
% to access your matrices...
N_1 = cell2mat(N(1,1));


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