Stop and Continue Iterations

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Kiran Sagar
Kiran Sagar on 8 Jul 2016
Commented: Steven Lord on 10 Jul 2016
I am running a loop as follows:
tol = 1e-6;
while err < tol
% code
During runtime, I decide to stop and check something, and continue the running the program again. I can do this using Ctrl+C, but the program terminates inside the loop, which is undesirable. Is it possible to stop the iterations and continue again in some other way.
Kiran Sagar
Kiran Sagar on 10 Jul 2016
@Geoff, I wouldn't be changing the variables, I will plot a few graphs to check if the progress is correct.

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Answers (1)

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 8 Jul 2016
Click the pause button on the tool ribbon, next to the Run button. It looks like the pause button on media players, like two vertical bars.
Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 10 Jul 2016
Instead of leaving that middle line empty except for a semicolon, call keyboard on it.

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