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How can I save specific range of my data?

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I have two variables as output from a simulink model, A and B.
A has 500001 rows and 1 column (5000001x1 double)
B has 500001 rows and 1 column (5000001x1 double)
I want a code which saves my data as .mat
save('AB.mat','A','B'); % save('FileName','Variables');
but only the half values of A and B respectivly.
For example,
A = [ 250001 250002 250003 ... 500001];
B = [ 250001 250002 250003 ... 500001];

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Star Strider
Star Strider il 24 Lug 2016
You would have to define new variables, for example ‘Ahalf’ and ‘Bhalf’:
Ahalf = A(fix(size(A,1)/2):end);
Bhalf = A(fix(size(B,1)/2):end);
save('ABhalf.mat','Ahalf','Bhalf'); % save('FileName','Variables');
NOTE — This is UNTESTED CODE. However it should work.

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