Standardisation about zero mean

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PARTHA HALDAR il 25 Lug 2016
Commentato: PARTHA HALDAR il 25 Lug 2016
I have a matrix of order say m*n. Now each column will have some mean. I want to know how can I subtract that mean value from the elements of that particular column so that I can obtain a new standardised matrix of same order?

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Andrei Bobrov
Andrei Bobrov il 25 Lug 2016
a = randi(20,8,6);
out = bsxfun(@minus,a,mean(a));

Vaclav Rimal
Vaclav Rimal il 25 Lug 2016
Given that your original matrix is Aorig, do the following:
Anew = Aorig - ones(size(Aorig,1),1)*mean(Aorig);
Note that you need the multiplication by vector of ones to obtain the correct size of the subtracted matrix. You could also use repmat but it is not that fast.


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