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How can I use serial() without using an InstrumentControlToolbox license?

Asked by Martin Hoecker on 5 Sep 2016
Latest activity Commented on by Martin Hoecker on 4 Oct 2016
My installation of Matlab2016a includes the Instrument Control Toolbox. I want to use the serial() function, which should work without having the Instrument Control Toolbox installed. However, with the Instrument Control Toolbox, it activates the license:
% -> matlab
ser_obj = serial('COM1');
% -> instr_control_toolbox
% matlab
Is there any way to avoid this unexpected behavior? My Instrument Control Toolbox license is a floating network license, and I would prefer to not hog it unless absolutely necessary.


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1 Answer

Answer by Vinod
on 8 Sep 2016
 Accepted Answer

Just using the SERIAL functionality should not check out a license for Instrument Control Toolbox. Are you sure none of your other code is using functions from the Instrument Control Toolbox?
If you are sure, you can surround your code that uses SERIAL like this:
<your code here>

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Unfortunately I am sure that it's the serial function that causes the license checkout (see edited question). But thank you for your answer, it worked great!

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