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How do I include image (.jpg) in Cody Coursework problem description?

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I would like to include image (.jpg) in Cody Coursework problem descriptions. How do I go about doing that? With this "Ask a Question", when I clicked the Image button, it seems like I have a choice to upload from computer or web. However, on Cody Coursework, it is only from the web. Also, is there any restrictions on the web link? Thanks!
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Gerald Angle
Gerald Angle il 29 Nov 2016
I would also like the ability to put local computer images into Cody problems that I am generating.

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Santosh Kasula
Santosh Kasula il 12 Set 2017
There is a new version of Cody Coursework , which gives you the ability to upload the image or link to a URL. It will save you the hassle of uploading the image to a third-party site and embed in the problem description.

Roche de Guzman
Roche de Guzman il 10 Set 2017
1) Create an account to OneDrive and upload your image file there. 2) Access the image file through the online site ( 3) Click on the image and select Embed. 4) Copy the generated URL. 5) Paste in Cody Coursework as an image.

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