How can I change windfarm simulink model so it would work with base speed of 14m/s?

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erling alme
erling alme on 14 Sep 2016
Answered: Joel Van Sickel on 18 Aug 2021
I am trying to modify the wind farm example from matlab pages so it would work on base speed of 14m/s since this is the specification for Wind Turbine SWT-2.3-82 VS from Siemens.
When I change the base speed to 14m/s from orginally 8m/s then the power produced goes to zero and generator rotation speed increases and does not get controlled to one.
How can I change the system so it would work on base speed of 14m/s?
The modified file of wind farm is attached as zip.file
Regards Erling Alme

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Joel Van Sickel
Joel Van Sickel on 18 Aug 2021
This answer is part of a cleanup effort and is unfortunately provided too late to be of use for the asker, apologies.
When I go in and modify the value to 14, it still generates power and controls it to 1, but I change it for all three turbines. This yields a simulation that does control VM to 1 pu. Getting other values to match up for what is desired requires more than jut modifying the base speed, as the feedback control algorithm would also need to be tweaked as well as the wind speeds and other mechanical parameters.

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