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Optical toolbox for Matlab

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JrV il 18 Set 2016
Risposto: James Reeves il 23 Gen 2021
Dear all,
Does anyone has knowledge about an optical toolbox like Optica (<>.
Goal is to perform optical simulations: ray tracing, PSF, MTF, ...
Best regards, Joeri

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Fei Deng
Fei Deng il 21 Set 2016
Hi JrV,
There is not a toolbox named Optical. However, there is an ‘interactive simulation toolbox for Optics’ in File Exchange that you could potentially use:

James Reeves
James Reeves il 23 Gen 2021
The program you named works with Mathematica, do not know if the one you mentioned is still sold. There are others from same company that work with Mathematica, but not cheap.

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