Simulink error, STM32-MAT package, Function call from timer interrupt

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I am following the tutorial that comes with the STM32-MAT package that deals with setting a basic block diagram to run on an STM32 target. In the simulink system I have used the predefined STM32 timer block and set it up at a frequency of 1Hz and to output an interrupt (UP) every second. The output of this block (IRQ UP) is fed as the trigger for a function call block in which I simply toggle a GPIO pin (again with the predefined STM32 GPIO_WRITE block provided in the package).
I have my code generation set to stm32.tlc and simulation type to "normal". I have set up the STM32.ioc file with the necessary timers, interrupts and gpio ports. When I run the simulation I get an error:
An error occurred while running the simulation and the simulation was terminated Caused by: Function-call initiator 'untitled/Timers' attempted to reenable function-call subsystem 'untitled/Function-Call Subsystem' on time step '0.0'. The function-call subsystem cannot be reactivated by the same function-call initiator; there is a flaw in the implementation of the function-call initiator.
I dont understand what the issue is here.

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yunus bicer
yunus bicer il 24 Lug 2017
Same problem, any solution?

ertf yang
ertf yang il 24 Ago 2017

robert rao
robert rao il 25 Set 2017

hoang minh giang
hoang minh giang il 24 Mar 2018

Maria il 10 Ago 2021
Same problem

朋飞 庞
朋飞 庞 il 20 Apr 2023

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